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Returning Home

Repairing Lives.

Restoring Families.


Purpose: Uniting with others in Christian love to meet the needs of imprisoned offenders and returning ex-offenders in Northwest Arkansas.


Mission: Repairing the lives and restoring families of NWA citizens who are incarcerated or who have been released.


Vision: Improving the quality of life in NWA by helping break the cycle of the imprisonment.

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Returning Home is committed to helping participants in our program overcome barriers to successful reentry which are:

  • Employment

  • Affordable Housing

  • Health Care

  • Transportation

  • Financial Challenges

  • Clothing

  • Life Skills

  • Education

  • Food


We are forming partnerships with organizations that provide our community services:

  • Legal Aid

  • Church

  • Mentoring

  • Tax Returns

  • Utility Support

  • Substance Abuse Recovery


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